Paroles de la chanson Generation Swine par Mötley Crüe

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Paroles de la chanson Generation Swine par Mötley Crüe

I don't care now what I do
Because I am just a fool like you
Get my way now everyday
I take all I can get just like you

Just like you
Back in your face, such a disgrace
We're the generation swine

A rat race from outer-space going to blow your mind
Got to get away, got to getaway
Got to blow my brains, got to blow my brains
We're the generation
I want more, it's not enough, we get our thrills
Right from this stuff
So my mind's a sewage sump
It's smelling bad and out of luck

Give me no lip, here comes my fist
I don't need it this time
Getting blown away, getting thrown away
This here song's for you, the doomed welcome my fools to the planet boom
Thinking that I'll grab my space gun
Leave this place right now for the zoom

Give me some space, get out of my face
We're the generation swine
Don't need your lip, your ignorance
We're the generation
Always on a run, always on a run
New sensation
Want to go insane, going to go insane
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