Paroles de la chanson Landslide par Milow

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Paroles de la chanson Landslide par Milow

Can I be excused
From what I was doing but what was I doing
I need to buckle up
We make noise so pretty that closing time is only
A matter of time

As far as I'm concerned
We lost by a landslide and I think that just might
Keep pissing me off
I didn't see it coming I never see it coming
Not even this time

Isn't a wake-up call
Supposed to tell you something
Call me again sometime
Because now I just learned nothing
You need to explain
To me over coffee why you said this could be
The worst day of the year

As far as I'm concerned
I won't get into the fact we turned into
A couple of ghosts
Yearning to burn and yearning to rise and
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