Paroles de la chanson Gabriel par Marc Almond

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Paroles de la chanson Gabriel par Marc Almond

Mine head upon thy lap, love, let me lie
I am wounded and without thee I shall die
Lull me and love me, love, till I am well

Turn on me sweetly till my soul have ease
Thine evening eyes that seem to breathe forth peace
Wherefrom the tender tears are quick to quell

Ah! for an everlasting afternoon
Lift not thine eyes, lest sunset come too soon
With the long tolling of the vesper bell

The sweet, slow, sleepy, solemn sounds that seem
Like incantations half heard in a dream
Or sad-eyed Siren singing some strange sea spell

Sing me to sleep while the long shadows wane
Sing to me the songs of childhood, come again
With thy sweet eyes that all ill thoughts repel

In blessing lay thine hands upon my head
Ah! would that with the sunset I were dead!
Having lived for one sweet hour, too sweet to tell

Living no longer than the lingering light
Seeing thy sweet eyes slowly sink from sight

While the slant shadows sound my dying knell
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