Paroles de la chanson Le Dahut par Mai Lan

Paroles de Mai-lan CHAPIRON
Musique de Max LABARTHE

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Paroles de la chanson Le Dahut par Mai Lan

There's a sip sip noise we hear we sleep sleep not cause it's disquieting, Dahuuut!
Yeah they said it's hot it comes to freshen up during the night
Well if it-f 'it comes we're gonna get yep ready to welcome it
This is an uncommon thingummy just ask them they can tell

Ho we are the best best hunters
Not afraid to go
We made our wooden swords and hatchets
Strong from head to toe.
And now we come and whistle whistle
We are getting hot
It runs because we beat the bushes
We will spare it not!

In the woods at night they showed us two red lights in the darkness, Dahuuut!
They are two small eyes, we watched them pop, zigzag then go away
Well if it-f 'it comes again bang bang we are gonna catch it
We'll go hunt hunt it so it'll stop stop haunting our nights
And in the woods at night ...


With the top grade bunch yep, we went to make some observations, Dahuuut!
By the blue blue fence we found some foot foot prints behind the pond
So they said said that we should set set traps in each corner
And they told us told us “wait until the night”
And in the woods at night, ho!


It runs faster faster it's so scared
We're getting close
Then we will make it lose its balance
And punch it in the nose

All the cuckoos sing along with us they know it's gonna happen, Dahuuut!
We got jute bags, weapons, guns, pipes, paint on our cheeks
Well if it -f 'it comes again bang bang we'll send it to heaven
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