Paroles de la chanson Alejandro par Lucky 3rd

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Paroles de la chanson Alejandro par Lucky 3rd

Why yuh
Why yuh
Why yuhhhh (lucky 3rd)

I talk to myself im like why yuh
Why yuh
Why have to be yuh (x2)
Alejandro tell me why it have to be yuh
I know that your momma heard and tried to make it thru
I was on the gram when i heard bout yuh
I just wish that i could meet you but this one for you

And i heard you was a fan and heard me sing
You look a little like me call u little 3
But i sorry i aint never get to text you back but i made a song so i hope this can make up for that
Barely one three thirteen why he leave like that
Bloody tears we cryin on a rolli
We just need u back
L.A where it happened lil bro got hit by a truck
Everytime i think bout it just really leave me stuck

Imagine being with somebody then they leave straight out the blue
That shroll sona lost my mommma there so i relate to you
And i know it make no sense but you jus gotta stick a move
Baby girl wipe off the teezy probably lookin down on you

Why yuhhhh (why yuh)
Why yuhhhhh (you gotta know i aint goin no where)
(im still here protecting you)
(Under wood beats)
(Momma momma yeah im still home)
(Dont be sad cuz im not gone)
(Just know that i love you)

I talk to myself im like why you
Why yuh
Why have to be yuh (x2)
Yeah pick your head up soldier he in heaven now
I know that its to much pain cant let it break me down
I wish that i can say it get better over time but it dont get better
It just always on your mind

But watch how many blessings come to you
You gonna be like baby boy was it chu
And when u feelin down he always around
Aint nothin changed just watchin down now
I heard u used to skate and
I heard u used to ball
I heard u had the females yeah
I heard u had them all
I just wished we had a bond

I was supposed to take ah trip
Some reason i aint goin
I regreat it everyday
They blowin up your phone
Begging please answer the call
They really goin crazy wish that you can see it all
I know that u can see wish
that u can see on sight
Just know he always got chu never think that he just might dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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