Paroles de la chanson Outro (Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water) par Limp Bizkit

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Paroles de la chanson Outro (Chocolate Starfish And The Hot Dog Flavored Water) par Limp Bizkit

This is HPFW Base to Chocolate Starfish reading over
Your mission?
Universal communication
Was your mission completed?
Affirmative. Permission to terminate?
Permission granted.
Bring it oooooooooon!

(Special Track)
Ben Stiller: Fuck Limp Bizkit, man. Jesus. OOoh, I can put a Z in my name Im bad, never gonna move outta Jacksonville..more like fuckin Hollywood. You know this is my first uh rock slash rap album so, I'm kinda new to the whole pop world you know. This is a phat beat by the way...and im talkin
P-H "phat". Thank you, to uh, DJ Lethal for this PHAT beat. Did you grow up with DJ Lethal..Fred? And did you call him DJ Lethal when you were kids? (laughing). Thats just what his mama named him huh? Oh, little DJ Lethal! Cant mess with Limp Bizkit cause we get it on everyday and every night so...back it up. You know what Im saying?

Fred: What you dont like Limp Bizkit?

Ben: No, no, no I think Limp Bizkit is great man.

Fred: What do you like about us?

Ben: Um, I like that you're so, fuckin, out there with your message, y'know.."Shut the fuck up man". Watch out Mom...big bad rock star.

Fred: Are you serious?

Ben: Oooh I can slash your ass with a chainsaw (laughs). No Im saying the message of being able to slash someones ass, thats a good message to put out there. And with a chainsaw when you get it down raw...or whatever. You know what Im talking about right? (laughs)

Fred: So obviously, your really not down with the Bizkit.

Ben: No no, Im limpin' with the Bizkit. Im totaly limpin' with the Bizkit man. (laughs) I am limpin' with the Bizkit. (laughs)Totaly

Fred: And would you pay, are you gunna pay money to listen to this record?

Ben: This record? Which one..this one? Chocolate Starfish and the, Hotdog Flavored Water..? (laughs) SO yeah, cut the beat and lets start this shit up. Shut the fuck up and start this shit up. Its all crazy, thrash punk, pop metal to you but somewhere out there..ya know up there with Rod Stewart and, uh...uh...uh Rod Stewart- is the Bizkit, man I mean Im talkin when your limpin with the Bizkit, you're talkin about the major groups in rock n roll. Who else can take rap, hip-hop, thrash..punk metal- take it, throw it in a can, spin it around, and come out with something that wasn't fertilizer- and it was the Bizkit, the Limp Bizkit, man. And when they came on the scene, I don't care what you say, "Counterfeit" blew the fuckin people DOWN..TOWN!

(this part is Ben Stiller's laugh played in a loop for about 5 minutes)

Phone Cal1:
(Stephen Jenkins and Fred)
Fred: Hello?
Stephen: Hello?
Steph: Whats up bro?
Fred: Stephen..
Steph: Where you at?
Fred: Guess
Steph: Where you at?
Fred: *sings* I dont wanna go to London
Steph: You're in London?
Fred: Yeah
Steph: What are you doin?
Fred: Eating... some food
Steph: Fish n Chips?
(Both laugh)
Fred: I wish it was fish n chips i dunno what Im eating.
Steph: What time is it where you are?
Fred: I dunno. Im trying to get ready to do another show .
Steph: Dude, everytime I talk to you, you're getting ready to do another show
Fred: I know, late nights.
Steph: Yep... When are ya comin back to Cali?
Fred: Um, i think i got another day here. But I wish you'd meet me in New
York, we could kick it.
Steph: Dude. Alright..well, rock on bro
Fred: Right on Man dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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