Paroles de la chanson UCWP par Killason

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Paroles de la chanson UCWP par Killason

Yo nigga show them what it is
Tell them wussup
Let them know you ain't playing with these motherfuckers han
Make them understand they not expecting what you're about to give
Express the KillA, nigga

Yo no games with the doom
Beyond the moon all hell's breaking loose
Taste an atomic mushroom
If you plan to trip to killabomb's room
Wooh ! This is Dedson Killah Junior
Stand for my area errytime
With my spiritual dad I share good the vibe
Bo buster in our lines pussy blotklat

Social, economical, mathematical
Political issues in my folder
I'm Marcus Dossavi-Gourdot
I attend han, university and I'm bored
Click clack click, click, click, click pow
I'm lethal like Bizzle
If you don't about me ? POW
I'm the KillA rapper with a lot a lot of style
Lot a lot a lot of MC's blood on my fucking mic

Hey yo I'm Killason UCWP
We numerous in my mind
Oh oh we are numerous in my mind
I can tell we are numerous in my mind

Mic check 1-2,1-3
I'm the weirdo whose name is Maki
I ain't bad I'm just ugly

Superstar of my own horror movies
KillASon K-way
Always wearing k-way
Always wanna train wanna dance wanna move it
Erryday, training day
Even when it's school day
Wanna work on new tricks for the next battle days
Lay on my couch bitch : relax
Take off my pants and show me ya mouth's pole dance huh
I'm KillHades, I'm from hell
Blow my horn honey You're highly horny
Hey yo no need to spare dem
Shoot dem all or they will while you sleeping
KillA KillA Bang's telling you the real thing
Wave the gun aim it at dem
You fucked dem

Hey yo I'm Killason UCWP
We numerous in my mind
Oh oh we are numerous in my mind
I can tell we are numerous in my mind

Hey yo, I can outshine an entire galaxy
Radiate as much energy as my brother sun (oui!)
So luminous among the dark mami I glow, I
Go by the name of KillA Supa Nova
Holla mamacita, eres muy guapa
Eres muy linda, verdadero obra maestra
Como te llamas ? Bale
Yo soy Machete
El general quiere tu culo por la noche
KillASound Boy for my time I'm too hot
So that clocks melt, my pen's like Dali's
Salvador Dali : the craziest Spanish
Imagination infinite when I paint the limits vanish haah

Fire on stage, we go on rampage
Modafucka what you gonna do huh ?
Blame, blame I don't give a damn
I fuck your mum and give birth to a new age
My age : You scared ? You should cause here comes the Carnage

Hey Yo I'm KillASon UCWP
Yeah my nigga

We are numerous in my mind
We are numerous in my mind
Oh oh we are numerous in, oh
I was not supposed to sing right ?
Oh damn, I'm sorry, haa
Oh yeah nigga that was it
That was exactly it my nigga
You showed them what they wanted

KillASon UCWP nigga
Han Bogodef

And oh, by the way I'm KillA the Monsta

Heeey we don't care about you I am mad killa im the baddest
You ain't shit next to me man
Mad KillA
He's about to rise in this bitch
About to wake up
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