Paroles de la chanson High All Week par Juice WRLD

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Paroles de la chanson High All Week par Juice WRLD

Cardo Got Wings
Cardo shit, ya know?
Bitch I'm dreamin' 'bout the cake
Choppa with a scope, put it to your face
All I know is hate
I don't wan' hop in the bank
Find a bitch I rate

I smoke on blue dream, you smoke on irene
Double G my feet, I've been high all week
Hotbox don't live windows up, ridin' 'round in a Bentley truck
Big ass gun, F&N, load it up and let it bust
Pray to god that all these drugs work

And if they don't I'll prolly kill my plug first
The pills I take will prolly take you off this Earth
Outta space off the Percs with a slur

I weigh the money, no countin'
I think I need an accountant
I'm rockin' shit that ain't out yet
Revenge, Revenge
I'm movin' slow off the Hi-Tech
Breathe out, breathe in
Choppa, bullets to your stomach
Bleed out, wheezin'

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