Paroles de la chanson Switchblade par JMG

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Paroles de la chanson Switchblade par JMG

Yeah Yeah, Try to get this shit done, It's about 10:58, on a Thursday Night, whatever

How you gon' convince me that
You deserve ti have it all?
Phone call
Now I got my back against the wall

Turnpike, swerve right
Never gonna fall
That's not how I operate
That is not the law

How you gon' blame me for something
That was never my fault?
Got tracks on tracks inside the vault

That I won't release at all

Don't tell me how to do my job
I'm not afraid to lose it all

You can keep the shade
I'll still hit you with the blade
Pump fake, Blade
Arya when I slay

Left me on read? Ok
Left me for dead? Ok
You are a distraction baby
You are in my way

(Beat Change)

Your power I took it, your soul bitch I took it

Your skillset make you look like a fucking rookie
I'm on the bad end of a 2 on 1, so I kick their
Asses and book it

You talk your damn talk, baby walk it off
Or I'll make you look fucking stupid, no cupid
But shit I guess I got some loose lips
These tulips, are better than both of your two lips

The truth is a bitch
When it ain't on your side
I throw it up, catch it
And then i just slide

Your main bitch to me
Is a muhfuckin side
That's why I don't fuck with the

Girls you call "Brides"

I transform like Hyde
Bro a pothead like Hyde
And that's a compliment
Don't sweat it guys

I bite that bitch choker, then laugh like I'm Joker
It's ok to be evil sometimes
The sweetest heroin i've ever tasted is success
So now I'm overdosing, choking, i'm-

I'm, not fucking
With your practices
I don't fuck with y'all
So you could call me "Abstinent"

I like Bernie probably cuz of the
When i'm diving in the motherfucking
Deepest Deep-Ends

Looking just like the Weeknd's
Sleeping, Dreaming, til about noon
A machine man

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