Paroles de la chanson Summer Wit' Miami par Jim Jones

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Paroles de la chanson Summer Wit' Miami par Jim Jones

(feat. Trey Songz)

[Jim Jones Talking]
See rap music is subliminal
But the music for us is like our own diary
Something like a confession
They tell me life is a bitch
She's something like the seasons just like mother nature
She comes and goes as she please
That's why they get their period once a month
I say that to say this
If you think that bitch
Summer is yours
She could be cheating on you
Ya heard

[Verse 1 (Jim Jones)]

Got me feeling like opium
I'm tryna dance with the loaded M
open a bottle and it goes around
I'm leaving drunk by 4 am
And watch me jump in the golden benz
Top down with the pokey rims
And now i'm swerving so you know i'm bent
I lost count so who knows what I spent
I recall nine clevage
Bitches stepping on my nice sneakers with
One hand in the sky and the other hand was on her
I was grinding to the beat with my hammer on my side
Now g's only as we speed to the Rollexx

And three or four g's is what we sneeze at the Rollexx
Playing some out your part it's about 6 am
You think the is over but if just begin
They say clubs pacing like bad boys 2
You can see the snow bunnies doing what bad girls do
That's esctasy..weed that had girl too
Scoop the bitch that had key's to some fast old blue
Now i'm speeding to the telly got the porshe behind
Trying to get in her belly the only thought on my mind
Like damn; i'm not trying to be pushy or nothing but
Since the strip joint girl I should have been fucking

[Chorus (Trey Songz)]
I shoulda lil' mama
spending my summer
Spending my summer with the top dropped low
throwing my hundreds at the top notch hoes.. (thats right)
Smoking on the top notch dro
Oh thats the summer wit miami
Bottle in the air
I'm living without a care
Shorty beside me
The wind blowing threw her hair
Thats the summer with miami

[Verse 2 (Jim Jones)]

I can't keep it alone anymore
I'll be with my girl when it starts snow and get bored
When you love three women
It's hard to keep up with the lies
You see spring my first love I started creeping with
Used to say I had some shows
Catch a plane to M-I then
I started tricking dough and bought a range for july
mama i said I'm love sick over this hot ass hoochie and
I seen her when I told Nas I slapped her with coffy
We don't play disrespect but that was the day we met

Summer jam o-2 I hit the stage with my set but her man
Was from brooklyn she still slipped me the number
She said he's on vacation so get with me this summer
Then i been flirting over the past two years now she
Hates seeing me in the winter
Ain't gonna last through the years
Now i'm looking at winter like life's an adventure
And then when june comes i'll be gone till september
Now would you hate me for that
I know your heart's cold could you wait till i'm back
I'm just a sucker for love

But a nigga hold you down if you wanna fuck with a thug

[Chorus (2x)]

Spending my summers with the top dropped low
Now throwing my hundreds at the top notch hoes
Smoking on the top notch dro.. come on come on
That's the summer wit miami
Bottle in the air
I'm living without a care
Shorty beside me
The wind blowing threw her hair y'all know
That's the summer with miami... dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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