Paroles de la chanson My Moment par Fetty Wap

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Paroles de la chanson My Moment par Fetty Wap

Yeah, Nick vibing, yeah

Waiting on this moment 'till it finally came (Yea)
Running up them M's, people screaming my name (Yea)
If you had the same chance you would've did it the same
Grown ass man ain't nobody to blame
I took all my losses and I turned them to wins
I took all my lessons and I turned them to gems
Cared about me more and then I lost all my friends
I just kept it focused 'cause I'm destined to win (Yea)
Look at what I did, they just wanna be him (Yea)
Even if they act like they wanna be them (Yea)
Remember my first house, remember my first Benz (Yea)
'Member my first plaque, remember my first M (Yea)
In a mother land, throwing up my M's (Yea)
Me and a homie Ocho we move solo (Yea)
Even ask my block bitch I move dolo
Yeah, I gotta keep my Glock to make it home, you know
We them niggas really with the bank, Ceelo (Yea)
Run down on these niggas on a bike, Deebo (Um)
Homies out in north jacking shit, repo
We ain't really with that shit you rapping 'bout, we know (Uh)
I'm the one they rap 'bout, yeah
Always in my hood bitch I'm using back routes, yeah
Always on my block say that nigga trapped out, yeah
I got everything, nigga, I be sacked out, nigga, yeah
We get busy on my block boy, yeah
Car too fast, we get busy on them cops boy, yeah
Guns too big, let's get busy with them opps boy, yeah
I'm that nigga I get busy when they drop boy, yeah
Feel like I carry way too many
Last couple years I done buried way too many
I can't see me speaking on emotions that ain't in me
Got a bird before a house, sixty p's got me a Bentley, yeah
You feeling strong that's my energy
Weed always my cologne, that's my remedy, yeah
Wipe your hands and your feet before you entering, yeah
I'm the king, protect my castle from my enemies, yeah dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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