Paroles de la chanson ISTHEREMORE par El-Khalil

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Paroles de la chanson ISTHEREMORE par El-Khalil

ISTHEREMORE to work and capital income
Whats your worth after you took care of your wealth
Ma Dim Sum, s'additionne, Je triple ma Mula, mon Or paise des billions et j'ent veut plus
Pour maintenir mon image dans cette réalité, TV, je sait qu'à la fin de tout rien d'ici ce trouve alors je regarde les oiseaux s'envoler et me demande, à quelle fréquence qu'ils résonnent, Y-a-Til plus que la vie de toutes ces formes
Je me perd dans l'univers, les étoiles m'éclaire Une lumière me passe je commence à faire une praire pour libérer ma mère, touts les peuples en misère mais je ne peut rien faire seule, j'ai besoin de toi mon père
J'évite les distractions de Lucifer
Il va s'y faire, il es dans l'enfer
Bras d'Hercules je le bat comme Black Panther

I don't wish for nothing cuz I got none
I fight for my dreams like Martin & Malcom X
When I die illustrate me with a falcon on my head I'm Horus but still got questions on the Book of the Dead, is there more to life than bank accounts, salary for bread, more than a seed that grows to become a tree, what came first the hen or the egg, man or alien, The Sumerians, Father Please

When the Armageddon comes will we hear the 7 trumpets of Metatrons? Are we cursed?
It's approaching while they tryna trap us in the Metaverse
I don't see no angels but I know they guiding me
I guess in the physical there's some things hidden to see, Apocrypha
Unless you're on Ayahuasca Psilocybin Or experience Ecstasy
I wonder what it all means, ancient cultures had a dream and wrote it down to be seen
Second comings coming soon to be documented on screens
Return of the Mahdi, ya a5i
Elohim w el Annunaki, Ktib Idris
False prophets and misinformation
Who's right or wrong? Pseudepigrapha
Divisions and War between each other
Like the Sunnis and the Shiites, Dujail, execution of Saddam Hussein
Corrupt jail systems
Plagues, famine, global disasters
Civil wars between Christians
No civilization has conquered from the outside until they destroy themselves from within
Let thy not jeopardize Abraham's work to waste
Stay mono, United like States
Never been late to my faith
There's Only one Creator in this Galaxy
Reality is I'm a scientist skeptical of ideologies
Studied all religions, asked a billion questions
Black sheep, escaped the herd , and society's fallacies
I'm communicating with the prophets
They told me to become a professional
You have to go through an unprofessional period for years
Told them imma never run out of ideas
The vision is clear, the smoke disappeared
But the fire still here
I'm just tryna build Zion again
Man has always been the victim
Is there more to our convictions
These thots are funded but not a scholar
Society's focus is on physical matter
With no purpose or service it's for pleasure
What has this world come to
It's going backwards
May the chosen ones build it back like the Eiffel Tower
Where's Thoth we need Wisdom to climb this ladder
No one man should have all that power
Every genius is a threat that's why we're labeled as crazy
Everyday I'm going HAM like Yeezy & Jay-Z
I put yards of work in
Past the touchdown, above & beyond the surface
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