Paroles de la chanson 74 par Earl Sweatshirt

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Paroles de la chanson 74 par Earl Sweatshirt

You like Amar'e Stoudemire with dreads
Bobbleheads, chatterboxes flappin' but I got a lot of 'em fed
Common head, cold level, minor setbacks, minor threats
To block them is kinda step, step back
This shit is not knockin' like the feds
Don't get your head cracked lackin' common sense
Honour where my felt it
In mi casa you don't got no wins, just to match the losses
I don't have in your gym
Opposites attract, opulents, the mud wouldn't stick
The sun make it so my souls crumblin'
They dug it when they was young

More than one hole in one, with no mulligan
Sellin' kids culture with death, circlin' like carryin'
The more the merrier, phone got you livin' vicarious
I smell it, 'cause it's so hot
The veil lifts, the pain's salient
Niggas started choppin' at the road blocks
As far as tracks, we're goin' off
Brought the stroganoff beef, holy war
You know it's not unique to your boy
At all is comin' out the teeth
Streets flooded like the pants weren't touchin' the sneak
They rain dancin' on this Northern Star
On all accounts paid the cost to see this far
I'm not on board with the board
You try to lead me on

I'm pullin' strings, it's time to let me off
The cook will send you
Protect your neck and don't forget the heart
We upper echelon with it, that's what they're checkin' for
I'm givin' a fed a conch for them
I'm duckin' when the quiver launch missiles in the dark
Miss me with the glib remarks, switch hitta'
Keep the innings long, nigga dispose d’un accord de licence de paroles de chansons avec la Société des Editeurs et Auteurs de Musique (SEAM)

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