Paroles de la chanson Black Privilege par Dr. Dre

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Paroles de la chanson Black Privilege par Dr. Dre

I'm just standin' here, lookin' at the man in the mirror
You good? Ahah, nigga, I'm great
Ayy, nigga, talk your shit, Doc Dre

Yeah, I see the way the game played
Nigga like me put the hood on that walk of fame
Fingerprints of Eazy-E still stain the brain
Gang-bang relationships, no need to name names
Black Mamba mentality, shit, it's time to ball (Yeah)
All my niggas on the yacht with me amistad (Yeah)
Custom made hip-hop, nigga, watch the roof, cuh
It's a hard pill to swallow, baby, Juice WRLD (Big shot)
Big shot, big shot, now who the killer?
Sendin' pirates to your block, boy, Captain Phillips (Brrat)
Got L.A on my back, boy, it takes a village
We deserve to be on top, boy, black privilege (Uh)
Cеntral Bay fuck up the whole day
Ice Cubе sittin' by the Doc, O'Shea (Heheh)
C-notes under the couch with the old face
Shit, I'm headin' to Puffy's house, a million dollars a plate (Blah)
Comin' in, Airforce, Uncle Sam
Quit worryin' about the other man
Pay taxes in rubber bands
Last night, in a chess game
Nigga walked away with a hundred grand
Pussy poppin', billin' shit, killin' shit, Son of Sam
Multi-billion dollar check on you fuckboys
Livin' life, it's your price, I got enough toys
My legacy is undefeated, call that bitch Floyd
I gave my blood to this shit, you welcome, enjoy
Gang money, J money
Yeah, we got plate money
I don't know what's on the way for me
Give a fuck, I stay hungry
No better feelin' in the world than that-
Brinks truck when it's pullin' in
Hit the box like clockwork, y'all talk work, we put it in
What the fuck? (Woo)
I like it like that, baby workin' that back
(Woo, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
She don't know how to act (Yeah)
Say somethin', say somethin'
Shake somethin', shake somethin'
Haha, excuse me while I kiss the sky
I just called a lick, watch me shake somethin' (Shake somethin')
You a thick bitch, better shake somethin' (Shake somethin')
Let's get rich, time to break somethin' (Shake somethin')
Shake somethin' (Shake somethin')
Shake somethin' (Woo)
I'm movin' like a big fish, watch me bake somethin'
Titanic drip, nigga, say somethin'
Fuck them politics and all that fake stuntin'
Shake somethin' (Shake somethin')
Shake somethin' (Shake somethin')
C'mon (Woo)
I like it like that, baby workin' that back
(Woo, hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo)
She don't know how to act (Yeah)
Back with that rat-tat-tat-tat
That dressed in all black
That stepped the fuck back shit (Move)
That grown man shit, it's workin'
That's a bad bitch, that's perfect
That shit right there is worth it
That's my sedative (Yeah)
That's my sedative (Yeah)

H-H-Hol' up, (Hahaha) fuckin' men you are to run this shit back right now, nigga
Right the fuck–, run it back DJ, that's selecta
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