Paroles de la chanson Sick and Tired par Denzel Curry

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Paroles de la chanson Sick and Tired par Denzel Curry

Man, fuck that. I've been out here all day man. Let me get one of them things, man
Man, bruh, I told you 'bout smoking them shits
Man I'm a grown ass man, fuck you talking 'bout man? Y'all niggas know I been out here all motherfucking day
Aight, aight. Me too nigga, fuck you mean. Let me see that shit
: was just chilling -- hold on, hold on. Ay ay ay, hold on bruh, you see that nigga right there, bruh?
Who the fuck is that?
I'm telling you, man. That's fool right there
Naw man his shit all blonde ---
Naw bruh, I been seeing this nigga, bruh, man, he acting like he been too good for the hood and shit. he don't be coming round no more. That's fool from the other side
Man look, bruh, this is what a nigga gon do. A nigga gon make an example out of this young nigga. Man I'm telling you, bruh, we gon capitalize. This is what we gon do. We gon sit out here. We gon make this play bro. Imma sit out on this nigga right here man. We gon get him

I been peepin, searching for a pussy nigga photo WOO
Give me all of that or you ain't coming back nor baby boo
I just need it - I’m bulimic and I know it’s critical
And I’m sorry if I up the stick and have to click on you
I ain't going back to jail, nigga, fuck the feds
If I gotta kill a nigga, gotta cut the dreads
Put him in his spot, nigga, run the bread
Before I nut up put a gun to your head
Z3 yeah C4, frankly I don’t know
[?] so not no mo’, cause a nigga is tired of being broke
And I’m tired of living at my folks
My old girl need some help
And my girlfriend bout to have a jit
Plus I don’t want him growing up saying daddy never had shit
Daddy never had it, but based on analysis
I never seen challenges, I look at his roley I know that he flashin it
I wouldn't mind seeing blood just like I got off dialysis Lord of the dark and violent
Only know imperial niggas move in silence, look that old boy yeah you shining
Steve got gold, and his girl got diamonds
Hopping in the whip, 2 niggas riding
We all gon die nigga fuck reclining, we all got 5 lets get behind em
Lets go get em

Who’s that peeking in my window?
Baby, please pass the extendo
Hey yo, they tryna take my cheese and my steelo
Two 44s at your head, don’t be a hero

I been seeing, watching cause these niggas got it in for me
Flexing flashy wrists is correlating with my golden teeth
Diamonds all around a neck and it came with a diamond ring
I done seen all kind of shit, what niggas do over finer things
That’s why I carry the 9 on me that’s a 3 x 3 extendo, that’s a 10-4
Seen them niggas on the 191, but a nigga peep game on the 194
Woah, bending corners just to see if they followed us
Sweating bullets, heater under my cardigan
These type of niggas is known to be poppin shit
Deep in my thoughts, know who the prophet is
Tryna to take my wealth, gotta protect my wifey and my jit
Gotta set an example if you thinkin' I'm a walking lick
Never believed in lawlessness, but I could be with the shits
When I’m nervous its dangerous, if the police pull up then I tell em I’m innocent
They tried to run down on us, swore that the clip I might empty it
Lords of the dark and violent, just ended up on the pavement, quiet
This is the reason why niggas divided, pray to the lord I don’t get indicted
Send me all the way to Rikers Island, dead on the ground now he’s a carcass
That’s our guy, nigga, that’s our target
Let’s go get em

Who’s that peeking in my window?
Baby, please pass the extendo
Hey yo, they tryna take my cheese and steelo
2 44s to your head, don’t be a hero

[Police Chatter:]
(Calling backup, calling backup, calling back up right now
We got [?] on the ground right now
Dread locks, black tee, call the paramedics right now
Suspect is in a white Porsche
2 other suspects in the vehicle
Please follow them, we got a problem now)

Ay yo, when I see that nigga again, foo, he ain't gon get away from what the fuck he did to my dog nigga. i dont give a fuck if the nigga is flashing. imma take his shit, fuck his bitch, kill his jit. that's what im gon say. that's all it is. knotty headed ass niggas out here bruh. we all we got, woo-woo. WOO-WOO. that's all we got
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