Paroles de la chanson Me & My Wine (Remix) par Def Leppard

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Paroles de la chanson Me & My Wine (Remix) par Def Leppard

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh, well I'm down in the alley of sally
And I'm feeling my way
And it's four in the morning
I don't have a lot I can say
I know I'm looking for some satisfaction
But there ain't much news
Got some walking from a back reaction
I'm hanging down and loose

Oh me and the boys have been drinking
Feeling like this is the wrong time for thinking
All I can say is
I'm doing fine with just me and my wine

Now my brain and my body are runnin' on different rails
And I died and just say hi what if all else fails
Oh I woke up in a subway station
Lying half dead on the floor
I don't remember anything that happened the night before

Now listen
My hair's a real mess
I feel and look like a joke
And there's a hole in my jeans
I just went right of smokes
You know I'd like to get to know you
But I ain't got the time
I'm tryin' harder and harder
To make this damn thing right
Just me and my wine
Well just me and my wine
You know that I'm doing fine
Well just me and my wine
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