Paroles de la chanson Bust It par DBL Crew

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Paroles de la chanson Bust It par DBL Crew

I'm J-Fresh
I'm Donnie D
Don't forget the Cool Sport D
And we're together to rock your minds!

So J Fresh (A-yo)
Have you been put down?
To ? the baddest crew in our town
Well I've been knowing that for quite some time
But now it's official that king of the rhyme

Well Donnie D guess (What!)
I've been meaning to say
That I'm the best beatbox cuz my name is J
Fresh! Huh! Fess? Never the less
My man J passes grammar than all the rest
Hit a beat J, hit a beat J!


So bust it!

It's I, no lie, before your very eye
And proven to be the K-I-N-G, king
And it ain't no thing
Because the rhymes I bring will make you swing
I'm a super rhyme maker
Down with the crew
You can smoke that chew and crack that brew
If only you knew the things drugs do
Sooner or later it's catching up to you
Like walking the street to a impress look at me
Your days complete by a lady you meet
If she kissed feet, wasn't so elite
Her friends wouldn't call her sweet rhyme treat
She had a sugar tone, thick to the bone
Live in a big house with a car of her own
If it wasn't for the fact that she was alone
I wouldn't be calling on her telephone (drrr-rrringg)
This wasn't a date as we conversate
? to vacate for such a long wait
I really don't know why she didn't show
Cuz we were supposed to meet about an hour ago

Yo sweet treat I'm feeling low
Just sitting on the edge of my bad
Thinking of words that, that led to my head
This is why I do what I do
My love is true, only for you

Bust it!

So bust it!
I'll be kissing, saying, rap was a praying
And hoping that he won't be the next slaying
If that occurs, start racial slurs
It's vital to stir a rap music massacre
I'm not sure what makes me endure
But life's still enjoyable even if you're poor
Coppertone, radiant the sun
Total description of my complexion
I'm not ashamed of the color of the shade I made
Don't even have a date and still get paid
If you come to battle with wind-up song
Nothing has to be said, except step off
This is the way that I would have to talk to you, ya see
There's not an MC that's able to match me
Donald D, liable to be the K-I-N-G of all MCs
Like I'm a combination of puzzle and riddle
You won't understand if the drinks too little
If for some reason you're caught in the middle
You're never the same and your life turns brittle
MCs, trying to take heed to what I say
I'm Dante I live by the way
And when I'm with J everything's okay
A representative of ?
It's like that y'all, this y'all
Did you know this the ? y'all
You may be like ? and almost white
Almost lose your sight because that's not right
Rocking the mic, from day to night
It's okay to like, but please just don't bite
The rhymes I write
Elevate in sight, like a seagull
Cuz that's not legal
In Puerto Rico, it's que paso amigo
Whoa, so it's time to go
J-Fresh (yo!) take over the show
You know

Donnie D (that's me!) y'all
Can you believe it!
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