Paroles de la chanson Smiling par Coolio

Paroles de ARTIS L JR IVEY
Musique de Sylvester STEWART, James CARTER, Dominic ALDRIDGE

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Paroles de la chanson Smiling par Coolio

You Got Me Smilin'
Again You
Got Me Smilin Again
Again You
Got Me Smilin', Again

Rhyme 1:

One Night Of Pleasure Nine Months Of Pain
Three Days Later And That's When You Came
Two Arms Two Legs Ten Fingers Ten Toes
Brown Eyes Like Mom, With Your Grandmothers Nose
Even Though You're Momma's Baby
And Daddy's Little Baby
My Love Is Unconditional To One Of Us Is Swayze

Day Or Night, Roll The Light
No Matter What You Do,
Like The Jackson 5 Said I'll Be There For You Coz
My Life Is Your Life And Your Life Is Mine
Through Thik Or Thin I'm Your Friend 'Til The End Of Time
I'll Make Sure You Get Your Props
You Can Call Me Pops
And Anything You Need I'll Pull It Out Of The Stops
Even Though We're Not Together Like We Used To Be
D A D D Y, You Can Count On Me
Coz When I'm Feelin' Down Every Now And Then
I Take A Look Into Your Eyes And Then Smile Again


Rhyme 2:

Forget About Batman, Superman And The Power Rangers
Coz I'ma Be Your Hero If You Ever In Some Danger
This Ain't The Huxtables And My Name Ain't Cliff
No Matter How Old You Get You Could Get That Ass Whipped
Daddy Don't Take No Mess
And I Ain't Gone Settle For Nothing Less Than Your Very Best
When I Do What I Do Coz You Did What You Did
It's Coz I Ain't The Kind Of Father That Be Raising No Dum-Ass Kids
You Gosta Be A Leader, It's My Responsiblity To Teach Ya
Right From Wrong, And Make Decisions Of Your Own
I Never Said That I Was Perfect
But I Know That You're Worth It So

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