Paroles de la chanson Unwelcome Guest par Bugzy Malone

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Paroles de la chanson Unwelcome Guest par Bugzy Malone

Last night I was wrestling with a demon for questioning my talent
For tellin me I'm lonely so I'll never find the balance
I told him all I need is the Lord and my family
He said "Where's your family now can't you see you've been abandoned"
So then I started questionin the mindset I was lost in
And looked for the Lord but I swear he wasn't watchin
So now I'm all alone in this room with this demon
And I'm fightin for my soul, still I'm questionin the reason

Next thing you know he brought up the garden of Eden

"Don't you know it's women that started all this deceiving?
They knew the apple was forbidden, still they started eating
Do you know your verses, have you been doing your reading?"
And I was like yeah, 1 or 2 chapters
Then I shouted out for Jesus still the demon wasn't leavin
So I grabbed him in a headlock, and threw him to the floor
He said "Silly little human let me make you feel the force!"
In one almighty blast I got thrown into the door
Grabbin on my ribs cuz I swear that I broke four
Questioning women, showin no remorse
Could this be all my mother's fault?
He just said "of course"

I looked up at the demon, I said tell me your name
He said "That is irrelevant but I feel your pain
I'm saying we are similar"
With the last of my strength I just lashed him with a table
At the time it made sense

But what a mistake that's how you know he wasn't human
The table broke behind him and the demon started changing
Horns started emerging and his skin was just crawling
I couldn't see his face because the lighting was appalling
Then he said
"Don't question what you couldn't handle little mortal

I must apologise if you think I'm a bad dream
I am here to question why you're going round in circles
Do you ever wonder why you never get to sleep?
How you can only write when you're in a bad mood
And every song you make seems to be a sad tune
Don't worry human very soon you'll understand
Forget about me, this is all about you"
And that was it then the demon disappeared
And I was left sweatin nearly crying in fear
Now this is the epiphany of blood sweat and tears
And I don't know about you but I can feel it in the air

When the night takes over
And the light's no longer
And rain continues to fall
That's when demons roll

Question your soul
Will you stay strong, strong
Strong strong strong
Will you stay strong
Will you stay strong
Will you stay strong
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