Paroles de la chanson 100 Rounds par Birdman & YoungBoy Never Broke Again

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Paroles de la chanson 100 Rounds par Birdman & YoungBoy Never Broke Again

[YoungBoy Never Broke Again]
(Pipe that shit up, TnT)
(Thanks Yakree)
I think these niggas know
(Timmy Da HitMan)
Bitch, and if you don't, you better know, huh

[YoungBoy Never Broke Again & Birdman]
My momma put it in my head, I can't get stalked
My nigga drill it in my head, I can't die broke
I stood outside the door
Right there when Terrell stuck up the store
I'm in that North, they know
Where them youngins totin' poles
I'm tryna make sure they strong
Size me up (Size me up)
Guarantee times get hard, nigga
So we risin' up (So we risin' up), uptown fly nigga (Uptown, nigga)
My diamonds up (Diamonds up), and we piped it up (And we piped it up)
It ain't no slidin', when we walk behind, we right in there (Bah)
Pass the torch to my lil' niggas, we high as fuck (We high as fuck)
Fake paper, nigga, no talkin', talkin', we chalk 'em up (Chalk 'em up)
Old school in a old-school, we''ll light it up (Light it up)
Real rich nigga, we rip shit, we fuck it up (We fuck it up)
Look, we gon' bang it out in this stolo in this bitch wit' a hundred rounds
Or we can meet up in that city where they knocked the projects down
I don't do no talkin', I don't do no runnin', bitch
Talkin' safe and sound
Four deep, we been blockin' 'round here all day
Think he safe until he found
What you spent on that Maybach truck?
Two fifty on the ease, lil' nigga (On the ease, lil' nigga)
Two fifty on that Bentley with them wheels, lil' nigga (Wheel, lil' nigga)
Sideways for them suicide my doors, my nigga (My doors, my nigga)
Always been down for that drill, my nigga (For that drill, my nigga)
Been a fish in that water (Been a fish), a shark in that field (Shark in the field)
Uptown nigga (Uptown), where it's kill or be killed (Kill or be killed)
Been known to kill (Known to kill), just a big money spender (Big money, nigga)
Iced up, lit up, marble floors, nigga (Marble floors, nigga)
Poppin' the bottles, been in the hard field, nigga (The hard field)
Been in the pen', nigga, we real deal, nigga (Real deal)
Hold on, focused but can't stay off pills
All he know is kill-kill
Face too known, I'ma get mans down
Me and Josh while we doin' that drill
Seventy for that Audemar and this bitch here stainless steel
All black Maybach, need another car
Ain't drive that bitch in at least a year
Daddy caught over fifty years
Vaughn locked up, got another five
Told them niggas that this my fuckin' year
Thirteen whips, need another ride
I just copped a place in Utah
Need another spot for to ease my mind
Need another bitch for to get me right
'Cause the one I'm with tryna slime a slime
Got dressed, jumped in that Tesla
Lit that dope up and it smell like pine
In this bitch with buku felons
For that charge, can't minimize that time
Rolls-Royce truck all red inside
Range Rover truck when I'm on West Town
Two hundred for that Patek, I'm timeless
MG9, Herm and who that be there slimin'
Styrofoam flow, I'm a sip on dope
Crystal for my OG, that's kindness
Stimilize my mind, back to back I smoke
Lil Top, bitch, I got plenty bodies

Yeah, this pimpin' hour, pimpin'
Top, Stunnaman
You know miles man, Beezy
B.R and N.O
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