Paroles de la chanson Paperwork Party (remix) par Babyface Ray

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Paroles de la chanson Paperwork Party (remix) par Babyface Ray

Yeah, yeah
Still be sippin' this shit when it's foreign cars and shit, ayy
(313 Mafia)

[Babyface Ray]
Paperwork party (I'm good on the paperwork nigga)
Paperwork party (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Paperwork party (Paperwork party)
Paperwork party (Paperwork party)

[Babyface Ray]
I'm good on the paperwork (I'm good)
Wake up out a lean coma, go straight to work (There)
Nigga, crack the seal for me, let me taste it first (Let me taste it)
Nigga, blow that shit, I never seen a money truck chase a hearse (On my life)
Shit fucked up for him, he'll snatch a purse
I was just talkin' to the broker, tryna snatch a vert (I was tryin)
Cuz told me stop rappin', but the rappin' work
He was tryna put me on game how the vacuum work (I get it)
I don't wanna party (Uh-uh)
That paper forever on my mind, I'm retarded (Forever)
I ain't have no clue it would be this when it started (Mhm)
The price of a blue raise up when you froze it (Facts)
Nigga need to drip water, went and got my piece watered, I be on it sleepwalkin'
So many blues on me, I feel like C-walking (Look like)
When Siri give directions, I imagine Reek talkin'
Nigga, I'm tryna keep ballin'
Dog-walk bitches, I should put a leash on 'em (Bitches)
I ain't need liquor, put a half a P on her (Bitch)
No limit to this shit, I'm like Master P on 'em (Uh)
Fuck them Diors, lil' pass a G for 'em (Fuck it)
Ain't none of this my plan, what you mad at me for? (Uh-uh)
Super smacked, shootin' there and shootin' back
I need a mansion in the hills, coupe to match (The coupe)

[Babyface Ray & Jack Harlow]
Paperwork party (Paperwork party, Paperwork party)
Paperwork party

[Jack Harlow]
I got a bitch that's doin' SBA scams
Bitches gettin' hacked and now they postin' Ray-Bans
Shows got banned but I still made bands
In the Deep South, clubs open, shaking hands

Baby work it out buss it open make it dance
Looking through my DMs its a lot of naked fans
Asking me to link begging me to take a chance
I don't hit em back but I gotta take a glance
Ferragamo shoes, Prada made the pants
Imma take a jet spend a holiday in France
She know I can touch it with the operation hands
That's real steady
Took her to the spot, lil mani, lil pedi

Got a good heart but she just a lil petty
Neck pains cause the chain hangin' real heavy
Use to walk to krogers for a box of lil debbies
Smokin' on CBD she thought it was reggie (It's good tho)

[Babyface Ray]
Paperwork party (I'm good on the paperwork nigga)
Paperwork party (Yeah, yeah yeah)

[Babyface Ray]
Nigga think the feds on him
Got locked, he ain't even have no bail money
Pick my daughter up from school, she say I smell funny
Dirty Sprite, exotics, and Chanel on me
Ayy, playin' in that field, it get real for you
They ain't up a pint, let's get real muddy
You don't need a deal, just some pill junkies
Don't leave him with too much, he'll steal from you
Yeah, my raps real, you cap still, need an act deal
Dropped a pint, broke the glass just like Shaq did
What you got? Where your racks? What your stats is?
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