Paroles de la chanson Twin Grizzlies par Baby Grizzley

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Paroles de la chanson Twin Grizzlies par Baby Grizzley

[Tee Grizzley]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Tee Grizzley & Baby Grizzley]
Y'all can lie to Instagram, y'all can't lie to me (Who?)
Shootas got they passports, we thuggin' overseas (Boom)
We a'burn something, I ain't talkin' STDs (What?)
Called the plug like I'm locked out the house, it's some keys
(B-B-Bankroll Got It)
Told bro to take that shit to trial, don't take a plea (Ayy)
The lawyers say it's lookin' good but ain't no guarantees (Ayy)
I still can't believe that I used to run with thieves (What?)
I'm just lookin' at my watch I woulda killed for one of these (Boom)
This a Maybach truck, not no G-Wagen, lil' bitch please (Skrrt)
Shoutout G-O-D, I get them blessings like I sneeze (Skrrt)
Niggas dropped they mans, them boys ain't gon' do shit but grieve (Okay)
Hold on, wait, I think we work them chopsticks better than Chinese (Okay)
Whoo, lemme catch my breath in this bitch (Hahaha)
Grizzley gang to the death in this bitch (The death)
I ain't fightin' in no club, you gon' get left in this bitch (We ain't fightin', nigga)
I want my fans to light it up soon as I step in this bitch, you hear me?
(Ayy, soon as we step in this bitch, light it up)
I want my fans to light it up soon as I step in this bitch, you hear me?
(Light it up, flame it up, all red, you hear me?)
Hey, ayy, ayy, ah (Ah, Baby Grizz, whatchu talm 'bout?)

[Baby Grizzley]
Ayy, I drop a hunnid, let them blood hounds get on my head (Get on it)
I seen that money like, "Fuck it, let me get on my shit" (Get on it)
I hit your city, bet a cooler gon' be on my hip (Whoo)
Cooler gon' be on my wrist (Whoo), ooh, she gon' be on my dick (Whoo)
Eat 'til I'm full so you pussies get my leftovers (Okay)
I'm getting top from a bitch buddy stressed over (Okay)
Paint that bitch red, then I soo-woo, flex Rover (Soo-woo)
Big dog, twenty-nine-twenty on my left shoulder (Bam)
Strike something (Strike something)
Strike something (Strike something)
Vacuumed-sealed ten P, white bundles (White bundles)
We catch him with that rock and we gon' mic one of 'em (Come here)
Brodie got like thirty on him, still tryna swipe something (Swipe, swipe, swipe)
Bitch, I was a vet even when I was an amateur (Whoo)
Pull up in a 'Vette, ego big so I'm jammin' her (Whoo)
I control that food like a Coney Island manager (Okay)
Baby got that Hellcat, I put her in a Challenger (Skrrt)
Each new piece is a hunnid a piece 'cause my name golden (A hunnid)
Ayy, twenty, fifty, hunnid, bankroll (A hunnid)
Don't need identification, the bank know (Private clan, private clan)
Ayy, lil' baby tried to double back on me and got a Heisman (What?)
Look at all these diamonds, I get (Ah, ayy, ayy)
Big cheddar cheese on my mu'fuckin' plate like I'm dining (Okay)
Feds runnin' up on PJs, we payin' pilots
Bust down my grill with that cake, call it icin' (Ice)
Put me in the cell, I'ma jail like I'm lifin' (Ice)
Call me a mechanic at your crib with no pipes in (Icy)
.23'll put more holes in you than [Mike?] Timbs (Blam, blam)
Treat your dog, bro said he gon' ride with me (He gon')
And it won't a be murder if murder don't slide with me (He gon')
I told her she the one, she ain't in my top fifty (What?)
I still got a flag but I'm in a 550 (What?)
Pull seven hunnid hunnids like I gotta up-roll (Bank)
Only time you see money is when I upload
Cut into a bitch like breakneck, touch toes (Whatchu doin'?)
Ayy, breakneck, touch toes (Come here)
Ion't know if it's me or Tee, who these hoes stalkin'? (Okay)
Gettin' to that money out the way, I'm in the office (Okay)
Louis tracksuit, big Phantom, I ain't joggin'
And I, ah, trip harder than a two-year-old walkin'
Lil' niggas all talk, not enough weight (Ah)
Took a rich bitch to the roof, that's a update
Sole pole, got the bitch on L's like she upstate (What?)
I'll drop a hunnid shells when I up that Drac (Boom, boom, boom)
Sent my bruddah off a ten so it's fuck jakes (So it's what?)
Full clip, Richard Millie with the bust face (Ice)
Big bread, say a prayer 'fore I touch cake
I can see that pussy through them streaks, lemme touch, ayy
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