Paroles de la chanson Put on par B.O.B.

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Paroles de la chanson Put on par B.O.B.

Didn’t I
Didn’t I

Didn’t I put on for my city?
Been reppin’ since day 1
Every verse I’ve ever written
Every show I’ve ever done
And they say that life’s a bitch
I say fuck it, let’s see what comes
They used to tell me I’m the future
Now look what I have become
You can’t deny the fact that I got it back
Any vers I’mma body that
SO high, where are your binoculars at?
Stuffin’ half a million in a hockey bag
I don’t need your city it’s probably wack
I don’t want your bitch, she’s probably wack
Won’t smoke your weed, it’s probably bad
They try to bite my style, but I brought it back
I bought a black, all in cash
All fours, all fast
Get your feet of my seats
This ain’t leather, it’s walrus back
This a different lifestyle, this a different lifestyle
Mama told me right, but I’m still
Young and reckless and wild
I never used to profile
But now my neck is like “wow”
And every time I open up my garage
I just disrespect the whole town
God damn, there he go again
Bobby Ray doin’ black opium
Niggas was doubting me
So I guess I’ll roll and just show ‘em
Again for the third time
Now act like you never noticed him
Act like he ain’t the doper one
The towel you should throw it in
Nigga, I don’t know you
My school you didn’t go to
You never came to my side
You know you wasn’t ‘sposed to
So you know what I’m saying
When I say “Who got that produce?”

What’s up (what’s up? what’s up?)
What’s up (what’s up? what’s up?)
Bitch I’m dope (yeah I’m dope)
Shut the fuck up
Wheels up, I’m on the come up
Underground luxury, I’ll see y’all hoes this summer
Yeah, Yeah
A-Town man eastside of Decatur stand up, man
We outchea boy
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