Paroles de la chanson Sorrow par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Sorrow par Awake

In a state of constant death

I lost my breath
I took a step and fell within the depths inside my head

Decide to ask

For one last chance
To fuck it up

Once again

I test my luck

I never win
I lost my friends

I lost my mind
Within the lies and lines i write inside my phone

There's no more going home

Forever gone inside this metronome

Ghostly quotes and love sick poems

No more hope i wanna smoke

Forget about tomorrow

Drown away my sorrows

[hook x2: awake]

Drown away, drown away

Drown away my sorrows

Be careful bout tomorrows

The past never was
And today is what follows

My brethren sleepy hallows
Downing dxm bottles
Coughin up
A galaxy
Accidently followed

Fuck presence
The present presents
My essence
I been fallin absence
Abstract catching accents

Every time she passes
I pass out
Her beauty is maxed out

We playin xbox
But my thoughts are up in heaven

Ascended forever
Don't mention the letters
Some sonnets so clever
It's hard to remember

I just know that you were everything
My cutie my fantasy

Travel thru my dreams
You trapped me in reality

[hook x4: awake]
Drown away, drown away

Drown away my sorrows

[outro poem: awake]

I arrived the day you left at a train station

Lost in unconscious thought i look sporadically for a clock

Discovered in the realm of perception

Rain starts falling and so does the butterflies in my stomach

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