Paroles de la chanson Snow (Ft. Crosby) par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Snow (Ft. Crosby) par Awake


Uh, yo so let me spit somethin'

I been tryna write all day but i got nothin'

All i got is my back and maybe a couple of raps but other than that i'm worth dime a dozen

I look up at the sky laying on my homies lawn
What would happen if i die? would they care about my songs?

Or would they just throw away my work and my name?
Would they build me a church or will they mask me a slave?

I just wanna be remembered as a a man who followed through his plan no matter the adventure

And i might not ever make it but i know that the stages i've been playing on

I can take it no need to worry mom

I swear ima do it no matter who's in front of me

I'm pushing through with music like i'm actually boutta fuckin blow but i'm stuck reminiscing bout 805 in the snow, smoke's covering my vision

You let the bedroom rapper make a classic on you

She in the bedroom askin what gon happen when i make it

I told ya just let it play out

She on the way out

I said you leave you better stay out

The proms way out

I got people tellin how much they feel it

But how you feel it as a feelin

Hide behind the music truly revealin

This the shit you can't conceal when confronted

Real and they want it

But turn around and appeal for the younger

They kill you, i wonder

Who gon be around for the switch

Not you but i can't really say the same for ya bitch

Across the room ??????

The haters a miss

Eighth in my fist

Use it to escape from my sense, fuck

You out rap me but ya album floppin'

Ya daughter hungry, out of money, and you out of options

You got the culture tho

I'm never dinner for the vultures

Keep the focus don't approach em

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