Paroles de la chanson Knight par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Knight par Awake

I really fucking miss you
My issues are really just simply visual now

Fell so far i forgot how to land
I am trapped in this box
Right beneath the ground

Fuck i'm tryna make em' proud
Feels like it's been forever

Since we skated downtown

Since we skated downtown

[hook x2: awake]

I'm forgetting u

I'm missing u

Back from the past
Sad hatter with the raps
Mask on after dances

No hands no practice
Acid rappin in the rain
Like childhood chance did

I've been movin so fuckin fast
That i forgot what it meant
To take a chance and fall

Callin upon

The dawning of an early kid
I further wish to finish this
So i don't have to fiddle with

The systems of society
Depression and anxiety

Bitches messin with my mind
Feel like everyones lying to me

[ awake]

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