Paroles de la chanson Heartless par Awake

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Paroles de la chanson Heartless par Awake

All i have is that day i felt happy

A couple of songs
Just some lame attempts at rapping

Immovable i am
Stuck in the sands of time

Stuck looking back at pictures
I accidentally find

I really wish i could take the past
And hold it in my hands

Rework physical properties

And do it all again

I guess our plans have broken off
Goin silent
Goin dark
Into the night skies we laid under and talked my love

I don't know what

But there's something really with this girl

Shes been in all my dreams
Everything i see her in im sure

Collapsed in this sickening world

Failed to act upon fact i never act regular

In this sickening world

In this sickening world

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