Paroles de la chanson Bullets par Augustana

Paroles de Josiah ROZENCWAJG, Daniel LAYUS, Justin SOUTH, Jared PALOMAR

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Paroles de la chanson Bullets par Augustana

Come fly down, like a singing bird
Sings your name, I am still the same
Black and white, no you're not to blame
Holly sweet, put me down to shame
Lights in the car in the park
I'm falling on my face I know who we are
And I ain't looking down for the rest of the night
A bullet in my head ended late last night
Jack and coke please take off your coat
Come and smile please stay here a while
Come and dance shuffle with a glance
Where you're gone bring in for the dawn
She's shaking in the car with the gun in her hands
Falling over love and a sweet romance
And I ain't never thought it could come down to this

A bullet in my head, with the sweetest kiss
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