Paroles de la chanson Moon River par Asap Ferg

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Paroles de la chanson Moon River par Asap Ferg

[Elle Fanning]
Moon river
Wider than a mile
I'm crossing you in style
Oh dream maker

[A$AP Ferg & Elle Fanning]
I ain't window shopping today
I got a feeling today
Uh, yeah
How you feeling?
Ferg in the building
Tiffany grills with the all gold filling
Gold plain Jane, I'ma stack it to the ceiling

Only do it for the children
Teach you how to make a million, ayy
Tiffany for the breakfast
OJ, what a plate for the necklace
(Dream maker, you heartbreaker)

[A$AP Ferg]
Moo-moo-moo-moon river wrist
T-Square ring
Room full of glis
Blue give me kiss
In a pool full of Cris
Canary on a finger
(Moon river)
Don't drool on my drip
How you feeling?

I'm feeling great
(Dream maker)
Got Elle on a block on a crate
I tell them bring all my jewels to the PJ
Believe in love and your dreams will come easy
Easy, easy, easy

[ Elle Fanning]
My Huckleberry friend
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