Paroles de la chanson Cool Guy 3 par Adam Sandler

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Paroles de la chanson Cool Guy 3 par Adam Sandler

-{Sean pouring champagne}-

SEAN: Yeah. Yeah. That's right. Baby I have to tell you, you looking unbelievably delicious laying there.

GIRL #3: Oh Sean, you're so sweet.

SEAN: Not as sweet as your silky thighs mama, I tink I want to taste'em.

-{He presses the 'play' button on his tape player}-

I going to start with your scrumptious toes as an appetizers, then I'm going to move up your body with my tongue, 'til I reach those lucious icecream sundaes.

GIRL #3: Mm, sounds nice. what else?

SEAN: Well, then I'm going to work my way back down, 'cause it's time for the main course. I'm like a bee heading down to your honey pot. But I won't be flying away soon, no I won't.

-{she laughs sensually}-

Ooh, zippity, dippity.

-{she takes a sip on the champagne}-

-{she laughs sensually}-

GIRL #3: Tell me, what do you want me to do to you?

SEAN: Yeah, baby, I got a lot on my menu, but if I could recommend something, it would have to be tonight's special: My pud.

GIRL #3: What did you just say?

SEAN: I said you going to like tonight's special...

GIRL #3: And that's your pud?

SEAN: Yeah.

GIRL #3: You got to leave.

SEAN: Mm-hmm. A'ight. Just let me find my pants and I--

-{looks for pants, finds them, struggles to put them on}-

I'm leaving.

-{zips up pants}- -{stops tape player, pulls out tape}-

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