Paroles de la chanson Oppy par 6ix9ine

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Paroles de la chanson Oppy par 6ix9ine

Bitch, I'm oppy, bitch, oh, yeah, I'm oppy, bitch
Casamigos bottles rock you, bitch, we 'bout to flock up shit
Tra-la-la-la-la-la, flock your shit, we finna flock your shit
Niggas want me, I'ma pop my shit with splitty swap the sticks (Wait, hold on)
Wait, what? Whatchu wanna do, like what?
Who you gon' shoot, like what?
That boy a bluff, I be outside, like what?
Y'all niggas really not tough, I still ain't get touched
And I still ain't get touched
You lookin' for your mans, like what?
Stop lookin' for your mans, he butt
'Cause we rise up, you really ???
??? back, niggas got guns so we 'boutta clap
Niggas ??? make us laugh, you know I don't cap
We love to clap, he got shot, he ain't get back
Slime gon' take what we will jack, we not Apple, we got MACs
I don't know you, please get back, get back, get back, get back, get back
Stop, stop, dummy boy better have his knockers
Twenty chops when we hit his blocka
Spin, spin, we spin like choppas
??? soft, he don't want no drama
When he saw me, he ain't do nada
Silly nigga, make him cha-cha cha-cha
Turn his noodles into pasta-pasta

I ain't no fighter, speaker, niggas came...

Them still runnin' my city, young nigga way too litty
Niggas wanna talk that talk, better walk that walk
When you see me, tell 'em get up with me
Like, till her pussy is wet, he got hit and he got hit
Nobody never did shit, I ain't worried 'bout you
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