Chansons Last Thoughts - Napkey

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Can you see me can you hear me? Yeah

It's been further away
Lying in the dark it's all I see now
A bunch of stars on display
Need to panic now no oxygen
I know I'm not safe
Spent violently and quickly.
Feel the . below my forhead I cannot star
My ship is out of sight all along,
this is the real me with a blinding burning star to keep me companyyyyyyyy

Can you see me can you hear me?

All my years I've wondered why
what it feels in the dark sky
matter only to be in floating here

is this my time to die?
need to worry now 'bt my duties

I know what I've done
I've spent an eternity within the stars beside a burning sun
My body is feeling weary
I think it's time to leave
I hope I reach that shining star
before my body stops to breath
...I've followed you
I am passing out my oxygen is low
I never reached the star that calls me
It's my time to gooooooo
No more oxygen to breath.

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